Al Amoudi: Internationalist

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi is an internationalist with interests across the globe. He is a Saudi citizen, though born in Africa. His early base for global expansion was Sweden from which he developed much of the technology transfer necessary to build his businesses elsewhere. His holdings include the largest oil refiner in Sweden (Preem) which manages major storage facilities of vital strategic importance to this Baltic country.

His commitment to Sweden as its largest foreign investor was honoured with the Order of the Polar Star by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden twice, first as Commander in 1997 and then as Commander First Class in 2007. This Order is only awarded to important foreigners for services to Sweden or to members of the Swedish royal family.

He has excellent relationships in the United States, and has contributed to the Clinton Foundation. He is an advocate of Africa in Europe and of Europe in Africa, seeing the two continents as 21st century partners in improving conditions for their respective peoples and he has been instrumental in developing a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia.

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