Mohammed Al Amoudi collaborated with Swedish project management and technical specialists during his early career in support of major infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia. This led to a fruitful collaboration with a Swedish partner in the co-creation of MIDROC Europe and thence to major investments in the Swedish petroleum sector.

MIDROC Europe is a Swedish company based in Stockholm but it has extended its operations considerably from the Scandinavian market into other areas of Northern and Eastern Europe. Senior management oversee a diverse portfolio of companies covering a range of highly specialised engineering, project management, property development and manufacturing products and services. It is highly regarded for its work in handling highly complex and large international projects.

Mohammed and MIDROC Europe have also been innovative in supporting new technology markets, notably in the cleantech and life science sectors, as well as playing a leading role in the Swedish industrial automation and process control, electrical installation and industrial plant and heavy equipment maintenance sectors.

Mohammed has major petroleum-related exploration, refining and retail investments in Sweden and Morocco managed from Stockholm. He owns Svenska Petroleum Exploration, a Swedish oil and gas company engaged in offshore exploration and production of oil and gas in fields whose main investment commitment is directed at West Africa.

In 1994, he acquired Sweden's OK Petroleum (later re-named Preem Petroleum) through Swedish-registered Corral Petroleum AB. Following substantial further investment, Preem is now the largest fuel company in Sweden with a refining capacity of more than 18 million cubic metres of crude oil every year. It refines and sells gasoline, diesel and heating oil both in Sweden and internationally. Preem is also a forerunner in the development and production of renewable fuels.

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