A Saudi citizen, Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi now employs over 70,000 people globally, mostly through his international holding company MIDROC, an international holding company for a wide variety of businesses, for which he acts as Chairman and CEO. His business philosophy is entrepreneurial but long term, seeking out opportunities that link the emerging and developed worlds in a wide variety of sectors.

This philosophy is based on four core principles: a business culture based on integrity, quality and financial prudence; fairness to employees, partners, suppliers and customers; a commitment to providing local populations with positive social and economic benefits that make full use of local resources; and a commitment to the preservation of the environment.

Despite the significant scale of his business interests, Mr Al Amoudi is a hands-on strategic manager and thinker. He has excellent relations with those banking and public policy communities that might affect the health and welfare of his businesses and their employees. His business interests range across many countries. Wherever he operates, he works hard to employ the best national talent available, investing in education and training locally wherever necessary.

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