MIDROC Africa has made Ethiopia its base but it should be seen as a company with aspirations to grow across the whole continent. As with the other MIDROC regional companies, MIDROC Africa is diversified.

Its key investments in Ethiopia include the flagship Sheraton Addis Hotel, Modern Building Industries, Kombolcha Steel Products, MIDROC Gold Mine, MIDROC Construction Ethiopia, Derba MIDROC Cement, Pharmacure and Addis International Catering. The Sheikh is also a major investor in agribusiness both through Saudi Star and his Horizon Plantations and Agriceft companies including significant livestock interests through Elfora Agro.

Horizon Plantations and Agriceft manage over 56,000 hectares of developed land in the Oromia, SNNPR and Amhara regions of Ethiopia with over 48,000 permanent and seasonal employees, providing housing and social services for a population of 180,000. These companies produce and export coffee, flowers, cereals, tea fruits and vegetables.

Jemal Ahmed, CEO of Horizon Plantations, in a March 2016 media interview, has provided further detail on the Sheikh’s agribusiness interests, their pioneering role in building agribusinesses within the Ethiopian agricultural sector, Horizon’s investment strategy and its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

MIDROC Africa is also the owner of Unity University, the first private institution to be awarded full university status in Ethiopia, which represents Mohammed Al Amoudi’s commitment to higher education and to the local community.

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