MIDROC Europe is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but it has extended its operations considerably from the Scandinavian market into other areas of Northern and Eastern Europe. Although it includes many other highly specialised engineering, project management and manufacturing companies, MIDROC Europe has seven key enterprises.

MIDROC AB is a contracting, project management, engineering and property development company. In addition to MIDROC Real Estate in the property sector and MIDROC International which handles highly complex and large international projects, the remaining companies cover different segments of the industrial services and new technology markets.

Granitor Invest AB is engaged in electrical installation and environmental projects. MIDROC New Technology invests internationally in early stage advanced technologies, mostly in healthcare, security and clean technologies. MIDROC Electro specialises in industrial automation and process control. Metalock is engaged in the overhaul of industrial plant and heavy equipment.

Midroc Europe has produced a video that gives an overview of Midroc Europe.

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