MIDROC Petroleum

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi has major petroleum-related refining and retail investments in Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon and Ethiopia. Corral Petroleum, a MIDROC company registered in Sweden, acquired Sweden's OK Petroleum (later re-named Preem Petroleum) in 1994.

Following substantial further investment, Preem is now the largest oil refiner in Sweden providing 75% of capacity in Sweden and a third of capacity in the whole Nordic region. In addition, Mr Al Amoudi owns Svenska Petroleum Exploration, a private Swedish oil and gas company engaged in offshore exploration and production of oil and gas in fields whose main investment commitment is increasingly towards West Africa.

Corral Petroleum assumed control in 1999 of two Moroccan oil refining companies in which it already had a majority investment – Samir and SCP. They were merged to gain economies of scale and benefited from a further major investment in plant modernisation. Corral is now the dominant player in the Moroccan energy market, both in terms of refining and distribution.

On the retail side, MIDROC has around 1,000 petrol stations in Sweden (Preem), Saudi Arabia (Naft and Tasheelat) and Lebanon (Fortuna).

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