Good Water Project: Solar-Powered Water Purification, Tanzania

SolarWave, in which MIDROC New Technology has invested, has been providing pro bono solar-powered solutions for water purification in the Morogoro region of Tanzania under a Good Water Project sponsored by MIDROC Europe. MIDROC is fully supportive of the Good Water Project as CSR, expressed both as its corporate commitment to Solar Wave but also its direct financial support of the Tanzanian case study.

The Morogoro Project produces up to four million litres of clean water each year with personnel on site during the project and provides an estimated 300kg per person per year reduction in carbon emissions as well as anti-deforestation benefits.  Around 780 million people globally have no access to clean water. Solar powered solutions mean that carbon-based energy sources (wood and coal) can be avoided, saving both cash and the environment. The technology uses solar cells to purify and desalt dirty water.

SolarWave and MIDROC Europe have committed to operating and maintaining the three facilities for two years on a pro bono basis, two located near schools and one located near an infirmary, both reaching around 4,000 Tanzanians. At the end of the project period, SolarWave hopes to develop a low cost solution for local people so that they can sustain the operation and maintenance of the project themselves in the longer term.