This is an official information website for Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi and is personal. We do not deal with philanthropic proposals or requests, recruitment, investment opportunities or requests related to his businesses. Enquiries received about such matters which are not managed through this authorised personal website will not receive a response. Inquiries related to his businesses should be addressed to those entities and this website will not respond to such inquiries.

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The public is cautioned to be mindful of the source of any email that purports to use the name of Mohammed Al Amoudi (clearly attempting to reference the owner of this website), Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi or Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi to solicit or offer funds. This website is the only official and personal website of Mohammed Al Amoudi. We are aware that individuals use emails purporting to be in the name of Mr Al Amoudi to induce other individuals or businesses to pay money, invest in projects, apply for grants or other schemes. Some of these approaches make use of links to fraudulent or unofficial websites or purport to be linked to this website in order to suggest that they are authorised.


Other than this website, no other personal website is authorised by Mr Al Amoudi. He has not authorised the use of his name or image in connection with these websites or with any foundation or charity or trust on the internet, and these websites may be fraudulent. Individuals and businesses are strongly advised not to enter into dialogue with any person purporting to be Mohammed Al Amoudi using popular email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, which Mr Al amoudi does not use, or who claims to represent any charitable foundation or trust.


Mr Al Amoudi does not have a personal LinkedIn Profile nor is there any Official Website brand presence on LinkedIn. If you are contacted on LinkedIn by someone purporting to be Mohammed Al Amoudi, you are being misinformed and should notify either LinkedIn direct or us. If you suspect a fraud, please raise the matter with your local law enforcement agencies in the first instance.


Mr Al Amoudi makes every effort to have fraudulent material or material that contains material misrepresentations removed from the internet and to expose wrongdoing but the nature of the medium means that this may never be wholly successful. He cannot take responsibility for the effects of any fraudulent representation of himself. Individuals, businesses and others must take responsibility themselves for undertaking any due diligence required but we advise considerable caution in any case where the connection appears to be made entirely through the internet.


This Official Website will not enter into correspondence on such matters but welcomes being notified of possibly fraudulent websites, LinkedIn profiles and email contacts for assessment as to any action which may be taken.


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