Corporate social responsibility is an important part of Mr Al Amoudi's commitment to economic modernisation based on four core principles that have been adopted throughout the MIDROC Group of companies. To these he adds his personal commitment to wider education through support for major Saudi universities and Unity University in Ethiopia.

In an interview with Forbes, he gave the background to his choice of philanthropic areas of interest which owes a great deal to his own awareness that he has received support from local communities for his business projects. He believes it is only right that he give something back in return.

He is committed, as a Muslim, to the fundamental concept of ‘zakat’, that is, that a significant proportion of his wealth should be returned to the community. The broad thrust of his philanthropy is directed at Ethiopia, specifically at practical measures to improve the physical well-being of the population through direct investment or example. He covered similar themes in a radio interview in Amharic.

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