Mohammed Al Amoudi has long been committed to education and training. Unity University, based in Addis Ababa and established in 1991, has been an integral part of that commitment. It originally offered diploma courses in accountancy, marketing, business studies, human resources, secretarial studies and office management. It was then upgraded to college status in 1998 to offer full degree programmes and has since been promoted to university status (Unity University).

In November 2008, Unity University was acquired by MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group as the first ever privately owned institute of higher learning in Ethiopia. The purpose, as expressed by Mohammed Al Amoudi as Chairman of the University is to provide educational opportunities for the youth of Ethiopia who can use it, in turn, further to develop the nation. It is run along commercial lines as a PLC according to best practice principles in higher education under the leadership of MIDROC CEO Dr. Arega Yirdaw.

The university offers both day and evening classes as well as distance learning at both degree and diploma level. Current courses cover business and economics, information technology, computer science, architecture, town planning, law, journalism and communications, sociology and social anthropology amongst other subjects.

In Ethiopia, he has also provided half the cost of the Harari National Cultural Centre and invested in early stage Ethiopian space exploration. In addition to his commitment to education in Ethiopia, Mohammed Al Amoudi has contributed to Saudi education at the highest levels supporting a number of initiatives in medicine, notably breast cancer research, and advanced technologies at major Saudi universities including a major donation that ensured full funding for the King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology (at King Saud University) in Riyadh Techno Valley.

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