International Development

As early as 1997, Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi was honoured by the World Bank and US State Department for his work in support of African development. He has been a powerful advocate at the highest levels for responsible investment and its ability to transform the emerging world in association with supportive governments. He provided an outline of his philosophy of development, emphasising public-private partnership, at a major Economist Summit in Addis Ababa in 2013.

Mr Al Amoudi believes that private capital can be used systematically as a building block in the development of emerging national economies. He is hopeful that other business leaders and philanthropists will adopt the same model. He has facilitated technology transfer from Europe through Sweden while his experience as a successful businessman has helped create the infrastructure for further Ethiopian national development.

Although a businessman first and foremost, Mr Al Amoudi is an advocate of global modernisation, one who affirms that his first duty, as an international entrepreneur, is to help create improved conditions for the wider population through active investment in education, economic infrastructure and transfers of technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Ethiopia and across the emerging world.

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