Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi is a major philanthropist who has committed significant funds in support of healthcare in Saudi Arabia, the US, Europe and Africa. In Saudi Arabia, he has endowed the Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi Center for Breast Cancer at KAU (King Abdulaziz University). He has also funded Chairs in Biomedical Practice Ethics, Diabetic Food Research, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever & Water Networks Research.

His charitable involvement in Ethiopia includes the construction and operation of a 140-bed hospital in Addis Ababa and he has supported local Ethiopian programmes for the visually impaired, the disabled, children’s health and poverty alleviation as well as providing funds for overseas scholarships.

One of the issues of greatest concern to Mr Al Amoudi has been AIDS which has affected North East Africa as much as it has been a scourge in the rest of the Continent and a threat to nearby regions. He committed over $20m to AIDS awareness and treatment between 2007 and 2011, part of it in partnership with the William J. Clinton Foundation specifically to target resources to help deal with this problem under the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), and the bulk of it for the ICASA2011 conference.  Both initiatives emphasised an integrated approach to healthcare in the emerging world.

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