Successful Community Football Sponsorship in the US

The annual AESAONE cultural festival for Ethiopian-Americans, sponsored by Mohammed Al Amoudi since 2012, ended successfully on July 9th. AESAONE is built around a week-long soccer tournament, involving teams from across the diaspora, but it also has music, community and children’s events designed to bring Ethiopian-Americans together regardless of their ethnic background or faith.

Despite some very bad weather, well over 6,000 people attended the soccer and other cultural events. AESAONE is a 501(c)(4) non-profit with no political or religious affiliation. Mohammed was influenced in his sponsorship by AESAONE’s commitment to the Olympic spirit – a belief that sport is a unifying force that operates at a level beyond political differences.

As a community outreach service AESAONE has also participated in drought relief fund raising for Ethiopia working with other community groups and awarded scholarships to the total value of $12,000 for college students during the festival.