Support for Victims of Landslide Tragedy

Mohammed Al Amoudi and his family have been swift to donate 40 million birr (approximately US$1.75m) through MIDROC Ethiopia in response to an appeal for assistance for the victims’ families and the survivors of the Koshe rubbish landslide that claimed 113 victims in an Addis Ababa suburb on March 12th, 2017. The waste tip was the largest in the capital and had existed for over 40 years, accumulating with the rapid growth of Ethiopia’s capital city.

Providing the funds to Mayor Diriba Kuma alongside early contributions from the Oromia Regional Government and the Ethiopian Full Gospel Church, and many other contributions from private citizens and public organisations in a show of national unity, Mr Al Amoudi and MIDROC Ethiopia have offered their deepest condolences to the families involved and offered support for the Government’s determination to help the families of victims and survivors.