Award for Role in AIDS Response by Ethiopian Government

President Gilma Woldegiorgis of Ethiopia presented an award on January 6th to Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi in recognition of his support for ICASA 2011 (16th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa), held in Addis Ababa in December. ICASA 2011 was an event of global importance for sub-Saharan Africa where an estimated 68% of all people with HIV live in a region with only 12% of the global population (2010 figures).

Mr Al Amoudi provided $15 million for the full infrastructure for the conference, including all the necessary materials and expertise to upgrade the Millennium Hall, an exhibition centre, a delegate village, a media centre and 17 halls enabling 14 sessions and workshops to be held simultaneously. In addition to the $15 million contributed to ICASA 2011, Mr Al Amoudi has pledged, separately, additional sums to fighting AIDS in Africa through the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), bringing the total commitment between ICASA 2011 and CHAI to over $20m.

For more information on ICASA 2011 and the contribution to the fight against AIDS and STIs by Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, visit the Support for ICASA 2011 website.