Al Amoudi Calls On Students To Continue The Transformation of Ethiopia

The students of Unity University, the MIDROC-owned higher education institute, have confirmed their commitment to Ethiopia’s development at their 2012 graduation ceremony in the Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa. 1,600 students recently graduated from the University which was acquired by MIDROC in 2008 in order to build the human resources capacity required for the country’s development.

Current courses cover business and economics, information technology, computer science, architecture, town planning, law, journalism and communications, sociology and social anthropology amongst others. In his graduation speech, Chairman of the University, Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, asserted that a university education created the capability to do any type of work required for the national development of Ethiopia and that the students should continue to develop their minds and so help build their nation.

After congratulating the students and paying tribute to the late Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr Al Amoudi said: “No country has seen such dramatic change as Ethiopia in the last 20 years. As far as I know, there was only one university in the days of the Emperor and now there are 31 state universities and around 60 private sector colleges.” He added, “The Government will draft its plans and it will prepare its roadmaps but the country will actually be developed by you, the new generation, the youth of the country. My generation is on the brink of retirement.”

He concluded, “I think about changing this country even in my sleep. Prime Minister Meles left me with a responsibility. I will never forget that responsibility. He wanted to change this country and it is changing. I have nothing to ask of you except that you use the knowledge gained here to continue that process of change.”