FEATURE: Efficient Use of Water in Alwero Rice Project

The efficient use of water resources in a sustainable way is part of the initial experimental phase on the 10,000 hectares (of which a test site of 350 hectares is currently under production) allocated to rice production in the Alwero Rice Project in Gambella, Ethiopia.

The project comprises a major irrigation and drainage system with a 30.58km main canal that will irrigate 3,000 hectares with two branch canals. Approximately 177 million cubic feet of soil will be excavated and the total works will require 3.07 million cubic feet of concrete, 13.4 million cubic feet of stone work and 3,000 tons of steel, with every effort made to source the materials from within Ethiopia.

Saudi Star’s geo-membrane technology, part of MIDROC’s wider commitment to new technologies, represents a major piece of engineering, requiring a significant investment by Saudi Star in infrastructure that prevents water being lost through the concrete of the canal, minimizing any wastage.