Gambella Community Outreach

The Gambella (Ethiopia) community outreach programme is designed to encourage development and investment by members of the diaspora in North America in Gambella. The work of Saudi Star was featured in a community video and its regional project manager was interviewed. Gambella, over 770km from the capital Addis Ababa, is being presented as a ‘land of opportunity’. Great emphasis is placed on the fertility and productivity of the soil and on the commitment of the Government to investment in the region.

The Gambella community outreach programme emphasises a commitment to high levels of skills training for young men and women. This relates to a longstanding commitment of Mohammed Al Amoudi in all his businesses, inside and outside the region. According to regional President Gatluak Tut Khot, employment is a central concern for him and his administration alongside broader economic and social development for the future.

There is particular interest in developing rice production. In his interview, Seifu Wolde, Saudi Star’s regional project manager asserted: “The rice variety that is produced (in Gambella) is the latest and is of good quality and so is capable of being exported.”

Saudi Star is planning to ensure that around 50% of rice production is available to support national Ethiopian food security and to add significantly to local employment as the project expands. Mr. Wolde also refers to the extensive construction works designed to increase production by bringing water from the Alwero into the surrounding countryside which has also created further employment opportunities.