A Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle through Sport

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi has always been committed to supporting both sport, especially his first love which is football, and healthcare where he has made major contributions to such projects as AIDS awareness and women’s health as well as to promoting academic research.

The link between the two was made explicit when Mohammed Al Amoudi used the opportunity given by MIDROC’s 13th Annual Sports Festival in the Mechare Arena, near the headquarters of MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group in Addis Ababa, to speak out on the importance of sport as part of a healthy lifestyle as well as in building team spirit amongst MIDROC’s employees. "Health is something precious that you cannot buy in the market place but you can maintain it with exercise,” he said.

The 2016 sports festival earlier this year saw 551 employees, men and women from many different MIDROC companies, participate in events such as football, volleyball, lawn tennis, athletics, table tennis, chase and tug of war. Families were invited to come to the Festival to encourage youngsters to get involved in a healthy lifestyle.

Mohammed has also given support to African and Ethiopian national football, including women’s football, and his own favourite team the nationally iconic St. George’s, as well as contributing heavily to state of the art facilities such as the 25,000-seat Mohammed Al Amoudi Stadium which is nearing completion in Wollo (near where Mohammed himself first played football) and St. George’s Mekele Stadium.