Mohammed Al Amoudi Welcomes Award of Damages in Libel Case

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi has welcomed the award of substantial damages in the United Kingdom for a serious libel regarding his daughter. The judge rejected the false claims, made on the Ethiopian Review website, which also included wholly unwarranted allegations related to support for terrorism. Mr Al Amoudi was present in court.

The judge, Richard Parkes QC, said of Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi: “His evidence, which of course I accept, was that his daughter Sarah was not the woman identified in the article, and that he is implacably opposed to terrorism in all its forms, including such atrocities as the killing of US military contractors in Iraq. In short, the article is wholly untrue.”

He added: “I have no doubt that he is a man with real, substantial and long established connections to this country, where he is well known within the business community. He is plainly a man with an established reputation to protect in this jurisdiction.”

The judge also added, “Some years ago the claimant sued a Mr Brisard, who had posted internet articles which asserted that he had knowingly financed the terrorist networks of Osama bin Laden. Mr Brisard did not merely apologise in open court: he also stated that he had ascertained that the information which led him to make his allegations had been false, and accepted that he had been wrong to make the accusation.”

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