FEATURE: Continued Commitment to New Environmental Technologies

Mohammed Al Amoudi’s continued commitment to sustainability has been signalled by the participation of four leading edge environmental technology companies - where he holds minority investment stakes - in a major presentation of capability in Doha, Qatar, following an agreement between MIDROC New Technology and GORD (Gulf Organisation for Research and Development). GORD is responsible for developing sustainable technology applications for the GCC as a whole. The Gulf States have a strong interest in improving the environment. These four Swedish companies represent technologies, described below, that can be integrated to help manage the region’s ambitions in this area.

Powercell has developed fuel cell technology which converts diesel and hydrogen into electricity highly efficiently. This allows energy consumption to be reduced by 50 per cent while completely eliminating exhaust gases and toxic emissions. Heliospectra offers intelligent lighting systems for greenhouse cultivation that can also be used in extreme environments. In comparison with conventional solutions, less energy and water is consumed, there is no wastage, crop yield is increased – and the crops taste better.

Air to Air offers technology for both heat and moisture exchange, giving the best possible control of indoor climate with the least possible energy consumption and Solarwave offers solutions driven by solar energy for water purification and desalination, making it possible to use water that would otherwise be undrinkable. Solarwave’s compact plants can be as small as a backpack, or big enough to supply thousands of litres per hour.

The presentation will take place in late summer 2015. MIDROC New Technology, alongside other significant Swedish private and industrial investors, has invested in the four companies.  MIDROC New Technology is a venture capital company specialising in the environmental and renewable energy fields that is part of MIDROC Europe. Beyond the GCC, these technologies have applications across the world and represent opportunities to jump the technology barrier and give emerging countries improved access to efficient clean energy and better use of scarce water.