Radio Interview Gives Personal Insights

In a recent radio interview given in Ethiopia, Mohammed Al Amoudi provided an insight into his personal values and his reaction to criticism. On his critics, he asserted that many people in the Ethiopian diaspora were being misinformed by inaccurate information on the internet and in the social media. They are not seeing the positive changes in their country as it grows and develops because they are not in Ethiopia to see it.  Even though his critics are poorly informed, Mr Al Amoudi bears no grudges against anyone.

He repeated his theme that the destiny of Ethiopia lay with its young people in whom he had great faith. He said: “We have to help the young to succeed. I am taking a growth strategy with my businesses and not taking out dividends. I am doing this in order to create jobs. We want a partnership between government and people to create opportunities for growth.” He foresaw a massive expansion in industrial and agricultural production.  Asked what made him happy, he said: “When I see that everyone has enough to eat and is also happy. I like to see people being able to work in harmony and be successful. I like to see the country develop.”

On more personal matters, he admitted that, other than the Koran (“I like its teachings”, he said), his reading is largely limited to the main news of the day and to the business and economics pages in the newspapers. He spoke of the great and positive influence of The King and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in their encouragement of him to achieve more. He speaks both Amharic and Arabic fluently, as one would expect, but also English and Tigrina, with a smattering of knowledge of a few other languages.

He is careful to see money for what it is – as he puts it, “I have brought money into the world but money did not bring me into the world”   His advice to others was “Don’t give up. Life is a struggle, of course, but work hard and stay focused.” Finally, he reaffirmed his core spiritual value, a fundamental trust in his divine creator.